Every business has to be online to face the world today whether it is a blog, portfolio, store or anything that can be virtually defined. No business can be the part of the internet services without a hosting service which helps to build the online presence of your business and connects to the billions of potential consumers all over the world. Selecting the right hosting solution is very critical, as you may end up losing business, money and time while struggling with the poor services of the hosting provider you have chosen.

So, before jumping into the different hosting services, let’s talk about the different web hosting services that are available -

  1. Shared Hosting - In shared hosting, you share a server space with other websites. These days most of the shared hosting services offer space in a way that you do not even know that another website exists in that server. Shared hosting is comparatively inexpensive and popular hosting option among the startups, small businesses or low traffic personal blogs.

  1. Cloud Hosting -Cloud hosting provides hosting spaces on the cloud servers instead of physical servers. Cloud hosting can be shared, unmanaged or managed. These type of hosting services can scale up to any size easily and surge the emerging traffic on your website as the business grows. Your website can exist on a distributed server arrangement and the servers are faster than the physical ones. These types of hosting services are ideal for the businesses that need to scale up faster and needs higher security.

  1. Dedicated Hosting -In dedicated hosting, you get a full power server with a dedicated space and dedicated services. The big enterpriser who is concerned about the security of their website and privacy of their data must opt for dedicated server hosting with customized services and plans.

  1. Reseller Hosting -Reseller hosting is a special kind of server hosting plan which the hosting companies or agencies or domain providers use. In reseller hosting plan, the consumer buys a big chunk of server space and then resell the space in smaller chunks to their consumers. You can add customized security packages, features, and services for your requirement.

  1. VPS Hosting -Virtual Private Servers are an option for the businesses who need virtual space, private and secure servers but cannot afford cloud servers. In this type of hosting, you get a chunk of space in a virtual server along with other websites. But the difference is, your space cannot be shared by anyone. You get your own user id and password to access the server. This is ideal for medium to large businesses and e-commerce stores.

How to select the best service for my business?

Among the different hosting options, in order to select the best one that suits your business you need to remember some key points. Following steps will help you choose the best-suited service for your business.

  1. Plan your website - You know what you want to achieve with your website. Plan your requirements and then search for the required hosting service you need. Planning must include the technology you want to use, cost estimations and growth insights.

  1. Find a reliable web hosting service provider. Super Global Host is one of the best service providers you can find. They provide all of the types of hosting services at a very reasonable price.

  1. Once, the host is finalized, you choose the package according to your budget. You can choose a monthly plan or an annual subscription. Annual Subscriptions cost you less in the long run. In Super Global Host, the shared hosting service starter package is just for $2 per month, cloud hosting Bronze package starts for just $3.99 per month etc. They have 4 different plans for each type of hosting service to match your own specific requirement.

  1. Yes, you need a web domain. Personalized web domain leaves a positive impact on the customer that helps to build their trust in your business. You can buy a domain from a reliable domain provider like Super Global Host. Buying a domain and hosting services from one provider is as good as the issues of platform compatibility becomes zero.

  1. Always check the uptime guarantee of the web host. For example, Super Global Host offers 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is necessary to work in an environment where you must be online 24*7.

  1. There are a few hosting providers who offer unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited bandwidth and transfer are necessary to run your business effectively.

  1. If you are not satisfied with the service of your hosting provider, you should get your money back right? Super Global Host provides money back guarantee anytime. And also, 30 days of free trial to let you be sure about their services before purchasing them.

  1. You should get the option for more than one database to handle. Service providers like Super Global hosting provide at least 5 databases with each of the plans for each type of hosting services.

  1. You should get the option of choosing to host for Linux or Windows based on the technology you have chosen for your website. For example- if you have selected LAMP as technology, you should opt for Linux hosting and if your website is built in.Net technology, you should opt for Windows Hosting.

  1. Customer Support should be very good and available anytime when you are opting for a hosting service provider for your business.

Have queries regarding which hosting to buy or want the best hosting services?

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

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